Soulwork and the Care of the Soul

Many people today feel a growing sense of something fundamentally out of balance in their lives, something missing that is of ultimate importance.  Unlike psychotherapy, my work with clients does not seek to cure psychological disease, but rather to confront the dis-ease our souls feel in the face of the challenges of modern life and nature of the human condition.  Based on the principles of depth psychology – especially the work of C.G. Jung – my work seeks to restore “psyche” to its original meaning as the ancient Greek word for “soul.”  Soulwork is not psychotherapy, although it has evolved partly out of dissatisfaction with the limitations of the curative approach of many models of therapy.

This form of counseling may be helpful if you…

  • seek an ever-expanding sense of yourself and your life, a perspective that will facilitate ongoing, lifelong growth and development.
  • desire a form of personal growth that recognizes reflection and imagination as profound tools of healing.
  • seek a form of counseling that seeks to find the essential common ground between the perspectives of psychology and spirituality.
  • desire a form of growth that sees your “symptoms” as powerful teachers of what your soul came to experience.
  • sense that the story you are meant to be living is both deeper and more profound than the details of your biography or family history.
  • want an adjunct or alternative to conventional psychotherapy for personal growth (not as a treatment for clinical psychological disorders).

Client Testimonials

“Richard is a deeply compassionate counselor who has a universe of knowledge. He can help you put your life questions in brilliant perspective with the use of various, very effective tools, including mythology, the Enneagram, astrology, and also just plain practical insight. Even the biggest muddles seem to dissipate after working with Richard, or at least shine with a different, new light. He is very easy to work with, and the work is exciting and life-changing. I highly recommend Richard to all searchers – he is a truly talented guide.”

“Richard offers a unique service that provides both powerful conscious insight into one’s self in each session, Meanwhile, the entire process of Soul Mentoring provides deep healing at an unconscious level that leads to greater self-worth, self integration and passion for living your life. Perhaps more than anything else, Richard leaves you feeling deeply, deeply heard and understood, more fully than any other therapist, teacher, mentor, coach that I have met is willing to do. I cannot recommend his work highly enough and Its value in your life will be immeasurable.”



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