The Soul’s Journey is Mapped in the Stars

Astrology is an ancient symbolic system that, like the I Ching or Tarot, draws on the profound wisdom of the collective unconscious for both psychological and spiritual guidance.  One intention of Soul Mentor’s astrological readings is to help clients understand and more effectively deal with the psychological challenges they face in this lifetime.  Equally importantly, readings provide powerful and accurate insight and guidance concerning the essential soul issues connected to each client’s spiritual evolution.

Soul Mentor offers both natal — or birth chart —  readings, as well as readings of current transit and progressed charts.  Given the breadth and depth of information to be shared regarding each birth chart, natal readings last approximately two hours.  To provide a lasting record of each birth chart reading, Soul Mentor provides printed professional reports as well as audio recordings of sessions.  The fee for birth chart readings is $175.  Transit and progressed readings last 75-90 minutes, cost $125, and also include an audio recording.  Given the preparation time required for all astrological readings, please schedule sessions at least 48 hours in advance.

Client Testimonials

“Richard Stromer is a local treasure.  I’m a total pragmatist and the first to admit that a lot of astrology is waaayyy too abstract, general, and “heady” for me.  Richard is different.  He frames your chart in the form of the story you have been writing as you have lived your life.  He gives it personal meaning and depth.  Instead of walking out of his office with planets & stars circling around my head like I have after conversations with other astrologers, I find that the concepts & phrases he used in our exchange have stayed with me and deepened in their relevance and resonance in my life story.  I understand more about myself, and my personal journey.  And that is worth something.”

“Richard is a personal mythologist who uses astrology to put your life purpose and story in a mythic perspective.  I’m a research scientist by training, and so I’m naturally somewhat skeptical.  I found that Richard’s reading was remarkably accurate and very practical in helping me with my life, relationships and life purpose.  I gleaned some deep insights which are still with me two years after my reading.  So insightful!  If you would like your chart read, this is the place to go!”

“Before my session with Richard, I had previously done a number of birthchart astrological readings. This was completely different from previous readings. As he interpreted my chart, the experience was as if Richard had known me my entire life, but that was not the case. The system he utilizes for organizing the birthchart, along with his incredible expertise in mythological studies and depth psychology plus his life experience created a true healing opportunity for me. As he read and explained in-depth how my chart had and would affect my life, I felt pieces of my personal puzzle falling into place. Everything clicked and made sense. Deep questions I had about myself, my relationships, my patterns and the world around me were answered in this reading.”



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