You are a soul with both.

My work is based on the ancient belief that each of us is a soul that has incarnated for the purpose of evolution.  The soul incarnates with an ego and body because evolution requires experience.  The ego and the body are the psychological and physical dimensions through which the soul experiences life.  Both are necessary to the process of evolution and, yet, we are fundamentally neither ego nor body.  Though we tend to identify with these dimensions of consciousness – the psychological and the physical – we are essentially soul beings with egos and bodies.

While the body and the ego both tend to obscure our inherent soul nature, each is also critical to the soul’s journey through this life.  The body, with its connections to feeling, sensation, and intuition, grounds the soul’s experience in matter – indeed, the very meaning of “incarnate” is to enter into flesh.  And the ego is the main character, the hero or heroine, of the story we’re living.  Without a viable ego there is no central character – and therefore no center – to our story.  Ego’s problem lies in its belief that it is also the author of our story.  As with all story characters, the ego aspect of our consciousness is too caught up in the living of its story to be able to step into the far larger perspective of the author of our story.  This role may only be served by soul consciousness, which in turn draws upon a dimension of consciousness larger even than itself.


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